Cowabunga Breakfast


Cowabunga Breakfast is a project I started alone in my apartment one night in 2011. A lot of these albums are older, and the songs talk about old times for me. Some sad, some happy, and some wearing the mask of the other. They were for the most part recorded on the most basic of equipment and with limited gear and experience. There were three earlier Breakfast albums that have yet to be posted online but I feel these represent the majority of my work pretty well. I’m not really sure what to say about all these songs other than that I put them there as crystalline enclosures for moments, feelings, and ponderings that I encountered during some weird, long, crazy, destructive, beautiful times in my life. Even though I change and move forward the songs stay here, preserving sequences from the DNA of it all that I felt important to transmit. Thank you for listening.


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