Breakfast Kaizo 2: Elevensies

Breakfast Kaizo 2: Elevensies

This hack explores some concepts in vanilla tech that I’d been wanting to check out. It started as a collection of backup levels for Romhack Races. My wife and I spent a lot of time on the palettes together, and D4 created an awesome experience for the big finale. Players said it was a bit tougher, but I was shooting for ‘intermediate’ difficulty.


The name “Breakfast Kaizo World” comes from my singer songwriter project, Cowabunga Breakfast.

The split colored pipes are there just because they look cool. I wanted to coin a sort of visual signature. They appeared first in Breakfast Kaizo 1.

“Can’t Stop da Booty” was the first level raced for season 4 of Romhack Races, on 4/20!

“Dr. Jones” is a not-so-subtle reference to Indiana Jones.

The levels ‘Summertime’ and ‘Bummertime’ were originally two halves of one large level.

‘Penny Heaven’ was the name the neighborhood kids gave to the coin bonus game in Mario 3 when I was younger.

“Fly me to the Scars” is an homage to Carl Sagan’s hack, “Fly me to the Stars.”

I didn’t want the ending to be a huge tough boss. I just wanted silly questions about silly things that added up to something fun — a game of Space Invaders coded in by D4 himself. For once in your life, get a high score.