Breakfast Kaizo World

Breakfast Kaizo World

This was my first hack, but I feel it can stand up over time. There aren’t any invisible boxes or trolls, just obstacles that were fun and rewarding to explore. The split-color pipes were just something I thought was cool at the time. This is the basement demo tape I’m proud of.


The name “Breakfast Kaizo World” comes from my singer songwriter project, Cowabunga Breakfast.

The split colored pipes are there just because they look cool. I wanted to coin a sort of visual signature. They appear again in Breakfast Kaizo 2.

This game went through a few revisions after release. Once to fix the upside-down munchers, and again to add a level after the secret exit in Syun River.

Blotto’s Basement is named after the studio and jam lab where we recorded a few of our albums.

Dellis Mulligan’s is a reference to a very old joke on the stream wherein Dellis Mulligan smoked 5 packs of cigarettes at once and died. Don’t do it, kids.

Syun River is dedicated to the Twitch streamer Keiichi, because he’s one of my favorite Mario Maker players and that is my favorite level in the game.

This game has a vanilla boss because I didn’t feel like making a “real” one. It was my first hack, IDK.

RB’s Tower is a shout out to RBMachok, who held the world record on this game for a long time.