Return to Subcon

Return to SubconReturn to Subcon is a hack intended to be enjoyably challenging and fun. The first SMB2 Kaizo hack ever made, using SMB2Edit by master coder dtothefourth. This Warpie-Award-Winning homage to SMB2 has been described by some as “the most innovative romhack I’ve ever seen.”


Several modifications were made to the SMB2 source code to correct bugs that were present in the original. Explosions in the original do not call the lower right box in the 4×4 grid that is drawn around the bombs upon exploding; now they do. Additionally, a bug in the way small Fry-Guys are counted down would result in the exit door not appearing and softlocking the player upon completion of the fight.

There are three secret rooms in the game. Two are accessable without glitches and one was created as an homage to AndrewG, who found it using glitches.

The speed run of this game utilizes two unintended wrong warps. While making this game, I didn’t know it was possible to clip through ceilings by crouch-jumping off vines. In a funny accident, I placed two clip-able vines on screens that also contained Hawkmouths. Because these screens in particular were hard-coded to access the next level in the game, clipping upward through a ceiling will allow players to skip two Birdo fights. This was totally unintended on my part but it’s really cool so I left it in.

This version of SMB2 features a custom save system designed by D4. Original SMB2 did not include any saves.

Fireballs from Pansers cause problems in sprite loading, and will often despawn helpful things in the level. To fix this, invisible sprites throughout the game set the Pansers correctly and give priority to other sprites over the fireballs. When you’ve done things right, people won’t be able to tell you’ve done anything at all.

The veggie spawner in Wart’s room is in exactly the same place it is in the vanilla game. Only the room around it is different. By default it doesn’t work anywhere else.

This game is 2 worlds (6 levels) shorter than the original. I thought that since it was difficult it ought to be a little shorter to compensate, and I wanted each level to stand on its own and to not repeat mysef too much.

Clawgrip — sorry, Clawglip is the only boss in the original not featured in Subcon. Maybe he’ll be back in the sequel.

The 4-3 level filled with one-screen rooms is an homage to the ‘five room castle’ in SMW Kaizo.