The Search for Salmon

I wanted to make ‘Kaizo 4’. I wanted to set a new horizon and explore the edges of skill. I’m certain that I over-punched somewhat trying to hit that mark. This game is not unfair, only demanding — the Kung-fu monk on the hill who hits you with a stick until you can do the correct dodge. Match your skills against my design and see.

The Search for Salmon
people have given Mallow the salmon


Mallow actually does love salmon and for every first clear someone makes of this game he does indeed get one IRL salmon treat. In truth, he gets one every day and that day’s treat is simply dedicated to the most recent clear.

I didn’t make the player sprite in this game Mallow on purpose. Why should he have to suffer through all this dumb crap?

Seitch Tabr is a reference to the novel “Dune.” This area is a safe home base for the characters. It also contains stores of precious water.

Kero Sewers is a reference to the SMRPG area of the same name.

Many levels and even a final Boo boss were scrapped from the game altogether, yet still exist in the code. I had arranged them into their own adventure for Luigi, which would be accessed by starting a two-player game. If you go into Lunar Magic, these levels can be found and played, but I wouldn’t recommend it. They were canned for a reason. Mr Mighty Mouse discovered that doing the 256-Pipe glitch will take you to the discarded Big Boo Boss, which is pretty cool.

“Barrington Basin” is an undercover nod to both the old crash pad where my friends and I used to live, and an an ancient hack of SMB1 I found where every level is a water level called “Mario Tokes a Doobie.”

Chicxulub crater is an impact site buried under the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, thought to be made by the comet or asteroid that struck the Earth about 66 million years ago, causing the mass extinction of non-avian dinosaurs.

There are many hidden message boxes throughout the game. Most have been found and some are incredibly difficult to get to.

The area in “Below Skytree” is the source water for the Syun River from BKW1.

There is a hidden area which references the 100% completion screen of Cool Spot.