An ongoing project to create more shells.

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The layout of this level was inspired by the rock climber Alex Honnold. I was watching the documentary “Free Solo” when I made this. Several of the passages up tight tunnels or around an overhang are inspired directly from his ascent in the film.

I spent a single night making this. I understand and appreciate its popularity, but it’s funny to me that something I basically slapped together wound up being more popular than some things I spent months on. Guess that’s how it goes.

The tiny hole in the wall at the end was accidental. I was testing the area and left it there by mistake. When I trolled myself with it and died I just laughed and left it in.

The ASM for this level was created by Westslasher.

The inspiration for this gimmick came from the final boss of Storks, wherein you spawn grab blocks with R to fight a Boo. I just thought, “Why not shells?”