This precious gentlecat is scheduled to have some lower back teeth pulled on Monday (Nov. 15). Unfortunately, Mallow is genetically predisposed to dental troubles and has some abnormalities in his tooth enamel. He developed a crack in a back tooth that led to a cavity and some gum inflammation; there is no remedy but to pull it at this point. Thankfully he has not shown signs of distress or troubling pain, and has been as scampsome and hungry as ever.

He had a few teeth extracted for similar reasons last year and we’re confident he’ll pull through as well as he did last time. His fangs and cute tiny front teeth aren’t going anywhere. (And with the help of his favorite poultry-flavored toothpaste, we hope they’ll stay that way.)

And thank you. Your kindness and generosity help us help Mallow live his best, healthiest, comfiest life.  We’ll keep you updated. 

— Skytree