POG Pins 3 Pack


Remember POGS? They’re back…in pin form! Each of these 1.75″ pins are handcrafted from original 1990s POGS. A chance to proudly wear all the absurdly radical pop art of the early 90s. You will receive a random pack of 3 pins, all different. Some examples are shown, but yours will be a unique surprise. Due to large amounts of Radicalactive Hypeisum left on these POGS, we can only guarantee that each individual pack of 3 will not have duplicates. We try our best to ensure that multiple pack orders will not contain duplicates.

*Our POG pins are made from authentic 90s artifacts and as such may show slight scuffs or scratches underneath their glossy mylar cover.

**If you leave a note at checkout with a design or color you’d particularly like, Skytree will do her best to find something that fits the description. No guarantees, but we have plenty of skulls, 8-balls, and monsters, as well as some with shiny foil. 

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Dimensions5.25 × 1.75 × 0.25 in