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Acrylic on Atari 2600 cartridge


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Glitch and Skytree both grew up in the 90s playing Atari 2600, an antiquated console for the time. Atari games were enigmatic treasures found at flea markets and yard sales, usually without their boxes or manuals. If one was lucky to have a cartridge with label art (as opposed to a text label), there was a certain magic to it. The bold designs and fantastical illustrations added depth and intrigue to games of stark simplicity. Far beyond the pixels on the screen, the spirit and setting of the game existed in the player’s mind — imaginary worlds and scenarios inspired by the art. This series of mystery games, games from dreams, pays homage to that feeling. 

No cartridges were harmed in the making of this artwork. We use only very common cartridges missing their labels, or with heavily damaged labels. The game would still play if inserted into a console.

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