The 4 Labors of Toad — Out Toaday!

This is a short side-project I made while working on the sequel to “Return to Subcon.”

The intention of this hack is pay homage to the “impossible” style of SMB1 hacks from the 90s – 00s by creating one of my own.

The goal of the level design is simply to make regular players laugh at the fact that they can’t get through. However, a player who is skilled and knowledgeable (or stubborn and determined) will find humorous and unexpected ways to get past the seemingly impossible situations. Some tricks are very challenging! Watch out!

For folks who have no idea but still want to try to solve the puzzle and make it to the end – THE USE OF SAVE-STATES IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. This is NOT a tutorial hack, although it is a demonstration of many different tricks and properties.

My intention as a designer, is for you to NOT know what to do. I want you to just be stuck where you are; and decide on your own what to do about that. This is in keeping with the spirit of the work. Philosophically speaking, I want there to still be enigmas in the world of “modified Mario”.

You can get the patch here!